Organizational Foundation Statements

Baldwin County Board of Education

Organizational Foundation Statements


Mission Statement


The mission of the Baldwin County School District is to educate students who will graduate from high school with the knowledge, skills, and values to be college and/or career ready in order to be contributing members of a global society.


Vision Statement


Our vision is to empower students through a positive, culturally responsive and stimulating environment where students will recognize and achieve their fullest potential.


Belief Statements


  1.  We believe all students can learn.
  2.  We believe all individuals are inherently unique and valuable and those unique differences enhance learning.
  3.  We believe effective and engaging teachers have a positive impact on learning.
  4.  We believe learning is a continuous, life-long process.
  5.  We believe learning is a shared responsibility: school, home, and community - for which we are all responsible.
  6.  We believe collaboration creates accomplishments greater than the sum of individual efforts.
  7.  We believe data analysis leads to informed decisions.
  8.  We believe technology will continue to transform the educational landscape.
  9.  We believe our efforts should be focused, aligned, and responsive to the social and economic well-being of our community.
  10. We believe a positive culture, community, and learning environment are crucial to the success of all stakeholders.  
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                                 BALDWIN COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION    
Name                               Department  Number                     FAX                
Price, Noris     Superintendent 457-3303                   457-3327  
Hunt-Simmons, Sharon Assistant Superintendent 457-2920                457-3327  
Martin, Allen Assistant Superintendent 457-2916                  457-3327  
Schueneman,Byron Chief Financial Officer 457-3362                  457-3327  
Battle, Judi HR/Purchasing/Energy Mgt.  457-3314                457-3360  
Knighton, Bruce Maint/Facilities Director 457-2408                  457-2410  
White, Traci Programs for Exceptional Children  457-2915                  457-2921  
Nelson, Susan School Nutrition/Food Services  457-3315                   457-2477  
Harmon, Vickie Technology Director 457-3313                   457-2457


Wark, Matt Assessment/Accountability Director  457-3324                  457-3328  
Tuft, Donald Transportation Director 457-2409                  457-2410  
Goings, Carol
Instructional Specialist
457-3325                  457-3327  
Archer, Wendy After School Program 457-2476    
Walker, Shameka Family Engagement Specialist 457-2960  457-3327  
Scott-Little, Ola Social Worker/Homeless Liaison 457-2953                   457-3327  
Etheridge, Anne Attendance Officer 457-3322                  457-3327   

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