BCSD Pursuit of Excellence Awards
  • Mrs. Damita Jones,Teacher at Baldwin High School, Nominated by 3 students


                    Ms. Jones received three separate nominations from three of her students: Andrea Turner, Johntavious Roberson, and Cameron Brooks. In the nomination forms, one of Ms. Jones's students loves the way that Ms. Jones "keeps it real", works hard and brightens the day of all of her students. One student appreciates how Ms. Jones pushes the students in her class to do better and be the best they can be. She is noted as engaging students in learning in a fun way and being an all-around good person. Thank you Ms. Jones for inspiring students and for being an example of excellence!

  • Ms. Evelyn McDade, Cafeteria Manager at Eagle Ridge Elem., Nominated by Cordes Seabrook, Co-worker


                    Ms. McDade is recognized for her drive to learn as much as she could, as fast as she could. This drive and determination to learn, is accompanied by a desire to do excellent work in a timely manner. In addition to being a good cook, Ms. McDade also works hard and "hustles" to get the job done. She has a cooperative nature and has not only met, but exceeded the revenue goals for this year while managing to keep costs down. Ms. McDade you are a shining example of Excellence! 



  • Ms. Kimberly Pearson Teacher at Blandy Hills Elementary School Nominated by Kathy Adams, Colleague



    Ms. Pearson is commended for her patience, helping nature, and for using strategies to help students who need a little extra help. An example of Ms. Pearson's willingness to help is explained in the nomination form. Ms. Pearson recently wrote lesson plans, gathered materials, and met with a substitute teacher each morning to make sure the substitute had everything needed to be successful in the classroom; all without complaint. Ms. Pearson not only helps other co-workers, she takes time to help students in many different ways. She is quoted as being "an inspiration". Ms. Pearson your selflessness makes you a true example of excellence! 

  • Ms. Ginny Watson,Teacher at Creekside Elem., Nominated by Anna Brock, parent & Aidan Brock,student


    Ms. Ginny Watson is credited with inspiring students to "find the joy in learning" by taking time to tap into a student's biggest area of interest and using that interest to engage learning. She is also noted as being the kind of teacher that a parent dreams that his/her child have. In the words of a second grader, Ms. Watson is "the best teacher in the whole wide world". You are an example of Excellence!