BCSD Pursuit of Excellence Awards
  • Ms. Tonya Arnold

    Teacher at Creekside Elementary
    Nominated by Hannah Garner, student
                    Ms. Arnold was nominated by student, Hannah Garner. Hannah is quoted as describing Ms. Arnold as, “nice and fun and a good teacher”. Thank you, Ms. Arnold, for your dedication to our school district. You are a true example of Excellence!

  • Ms. Tammy Fietkau

    Teacher at Eagle Ridge
    Nominated by Shannon Powell
                    Ms. Tammy Fietkau is described as a teacher who is sensitive to the personal and academic needs of students, a treasure to her coworkers and a positive example for others. Ms. Fietkau’s smile and pleasant demeanor make her a joy to work with and her influence has made one of her co-workers strive to become a better teacher. She has represented Eagle Ridge Elementary as the Teacher of the Year, she serves on school committees, and sets the bar high for her students as well as her co-workers. Thank you, Ms. Fietkau, for your faithfulness in serving the students, staff and citizens of Baldwin County. You are a shining example of Excellence!

  • Ms. Monica Macklin

    Teacher at Baldwin High
    Nominated by Valencia Brooks
                    In her first year of teaching at Baldwin High, Ms. Monica Macklin has already made a positive impression on her co-workers. She is commended as being a motivated and determined teacher who shows concern about the academic success of her students.  In addition to these qualities, Ms. Macklin is also praised for having an admirable winning personality.  Thank you, Ms. Macklin, for your determination and concern for the students of Baldwin County. You exemplify excellence!

  • Ms. Claritha Wilson

    Oak Hill  
    Nominated by Juanita Jones
                    Ms. Wilson’s willingness to work in any role necessary, without complaint, is a quality that sets her apart. She can be counted on to step into various roles when asked and does so with a warm smile. Ms. Wilson can be seen all over the school building when she willingly covers different classes, the front office if needed and helps ensure adequate coverage in the cafeteria. Thank you, Ms. Wilson, for humbly doing whatever it takes to serve the students, staff and citizens of Baldwin County. You are a true example of Excellence!