BCSD Pursuit of Excellence Awards
  • Ms. Marsha Machen – Creekside Elementary – nominated by Tracy Clark

    Ms. Marsha Machen has been recognized as going above and beyond the call of duty. Her dedication to getting the job done helps Creekside run efficiently and effectively. Ms. Machen willingly helps other secretaries when they are hired and is meticulous in her work. Her pleasant and welcoming attitude make her a valued employee of Creekside Elementary and the Baldwin County School District. Thank you, Ms. Machen, for your dedication to our school district. You are a true example of Excellence!

  • Mr. Jay Clark – Central Office – nominated by Bruce Knighton

    Mr. Jerry Clark has been recognized as a dedicated staff member who demonstrates an exemplary work ethic, a willingness to handle the most difficult tasks and a genuine concern for the safety and security of all staff. His persistence in finding the root cause of maintenance issues, and his follow up to ensure that the issues are resolved in a timely manner helps to keep the schools operating efficiently. Thank you, Mr. Clark, for your faithfulness in serving the students, staff and citizens of Baldwin County. You are a shining example of Excellence!

  • Ms. Katherine Throne – Baldwin High School – nominated by Teresa Phillips

    Ms. Katherine Throne has been recognized for her hard work in starting a Future Farmers of America (FFA) Chapter, implementing a greenhouse management program, and fully implementing the greenhouse. Ms. Throne’s hard work produced the first annual spring plant sale last semester! She has taken students to agricultural competitions where students have placed at regional and State levels. In addition, she is currently working to prepare the agriculture program for industry certification. Thank you, Ms. Throne, for your faithfulness in serving the students, staff and citizens of Baldwin County. You are an example of Excellence!

  • Mr. Christopher Dominy – Central Office – nominated by Elaine Durden

                    Mr. Chris Dominy received two nominations for this prestigious honor. Some of the words used to describe Mr. Dominy are dependable, hard-working, courteous and cheerful. He has been complimented on completing deliveries in a timely manner, having a great attention to detail, and going the extra mile to deliver quality customer service. His response, “I’m on top of that!”, is a promise that he follows through on a daily basis. Thank you, Mr. Dominy, for going above and beyond the call of duty.