BCSD Pursuit of Excellence Awards
  • Ms. Bunnie Simons, Pre-K Teacher at ELC, Nominated by Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Drummond, parents


                    Ms. Simons is a teacher who goes above and beyond for her students. She loves her students, encourages them to do their very best and makes learning fun for her class every day. As parents, the Drummond’s feel that Ms. Simons is an answer to many prayers because of her dedication to her students. You are a true example of Excellence!

  • Mr. Frank Moss, Paraprofessional at Creekside Elementary, Nominated by Jeanitra Jackson, co-worker


    Mr. Moss is commended for doing an excellent job. He is complimented for accepting his assignments and responsibilities with a smile and without complaint. Mr. Moss’s positive attitude helps the entire Creekside family stay in high spirits and his great attitude is a blessing to the faculty and staff. You exemplify excellence!

  • Ms. Tonia Milner, Cafeteria Manager at BHS, Nominated by Susan Nelson, Director of School Nutrition


                    Ms. Milner is recognized for her hard work and commitment to doing an excellent job. She helps others and willingly trains other Managers and co-workers who request assistance. Ms. Milner’s hard work ensures that BHS students are fed in addition to students at GNETS, and Early College. In the summer, she helps coordinate the seamless summer meals programs to ensure that students within the community are fed while school is out for the summer.  She is always looking for ways to stay knowledgeable about operations and is furthering her educational endeavors. You are a shining example of Excellence!

  • Ms. Patricia Ingram, Bus Driver for Transportation Department, Nominated by Julie Knighton,co-worker


    Ms. Ingram is quoted by Ms. Knighton as being a “lady of excellent character”.  In her service to students and families of Baldwin County as a bus driver, Ms. Ingram is always polite, courteous and friendly even during challenging situations. She is also very considerate and respectful of other people’s time and shows a genuine concern for the wellbeing of everyone that she comes into contact with. Thank you Ms. Ingram for being an example of excellence!