BCSD Pursuit of Excellence Awards
  • Mr. John Davis, Maintenance Technician, Facilities and Maintenance


    Nominated by Blanche Lamb, Director of the Early Learning Center

    Mr. Davis has been serving the students of Baldwin County Schools for over 16 years. He is noted as being someone that can be counted on in times of desperate need. Mr. Davis not only works at fulfilling the work orders that he is assigned, but he ensures that the job is done right and in a timely manner.  Ms. Lamb credits Mr. Davis as an employee who has foresight and initiative which in turn, saves the district a “significant” amount of money in preventative maintenance services that might otherwise go unnoticed. He also works hard to ensure that the students have a safe and clean learning environment. Thank you Mr. Davis for your example of excellence!

  • Ms. Jessica Johnson, Teacher at Creekside Elementary School



    Nominated by Michelle Dunn, Co-worker, Ashley Dent, Student Teacher and Amy Brown, parent.

                   Ms. Johnson is completing her first year with Baldwin County Schools and has not received not one, not two, but three nominations. She is noted as going beyond the call of duty every day for her students, parents and co-workers. Her dedication to ensuring student success was recognized by the Donors Choose campaign in which she was chosen as the winner of a trip to the Ron Clark Academy for herself and several of her co-workers.  Not only does Ms. Johnson support her co-workers, but she gives of herself to help mold future educators and hosted a student teacher this school year. She introduced “Dojo” for parents to track student behavior and share information. She encourages her students to give their best and wear a smile. She displays a deep commitment to student success, enthusiasm, love and passion for teaching. Ms. Johnson you are a true example of excellence!




  • Ms. Libra Renfroe, Paraprofessional at Blandy Hills Elementary


    Nominated by Katrina Veal and Anna Dunn, Co-Workers

    As a member of the Blandy Hills team, Ms. Renfroe is quoted as wearing “many hats”. Completing her ninth year with Baldwin County Schools, she has helped with everything from making copies, covering classrooms when needed, helping with the After School Program, and having charge of the ISS classroom.  Ms. Renfroe works in a professional manner and does not mind going the extra mile to help others. Ms. Renfroe, you are an example of Excellence!


  • Mr. Odell Rozier, Bus Driver, Transportation Department


    Nominated by Heather Cox, Teacher

    For over eighteen and a half years, Mr. Rozier has worked to ensure that Baldwin County students are safely transported in and around the community. He is noted as being “the best example of a bus driver for children….ever”.  He not only cares about the student’s safety, but he also cares about their over-all well-being. Mr. Rozier makes every effort to do what is best for students to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. Not only does he transport students himself, but he also trains other bus drivers in proper safety procedures, bus inspection mandates and for initial licensure and licensure renewal. Mr. Odell you are a prime example of Excellence!