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Baldwin County Schools – Assessment – Test Security

The Baldwin County School Districts follows a strict test security protocol based on guidelines from the Georgia Student Assessment Program’s Student Assessment Handbook and specific training from the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) Assessment division.   The Superintendent and System Test Coordinator are responsible for test security. The Principals and School Test Coordinators, in cooperation with the System Test Coordinator, are responsible for testing materials storage and testing administration and security once the materials are distributed to schools. Each school has in place a test security protocol which follows the School District guidelines, but is specific to the needs of the school.  Each school also has an Assistant Test Coordinator who assists in carrying out testing. The GaDOE’s yearly testing calendar is strictly followed.  All system personnel must participate in yearly training pertaining to all aspects of testing responsibilities, security and ethics, including the Georgia Professional Standard’s Code of Ethics for Educators.  Each test administrator must be a certificated educator.  Each testing environment will be monitored by the test administrator and a trained proctor.  Student test results are secure documents which must be shared in a timely manner with the student, parent or legal guardian.  In case of any breach of test security, a strict protocol will be followed immediately.  Such protocol includes notification from the school level to the county level, to the Gergia Department of Education and Professional Standard’s Division if necessary. 

Protocolo de seguridad de exámenes

El distrito escolar del Condado de Baldwin sigue un protocolo de seguridad estricto basado en las directrices de la Guía de evaluación de estudiantes del programa de evaluación y formación específica de la división de evaluación del departamento de educación de Georgia (GaDOE).   El Superintendente y el Coordinador de evaluación del sistema escolar son responsables de la seguridad de todas las pruebas y exámenes. Los directores y coordinadores de exámenes de las escuelas, en cooperación con el Coordinador de prueba del sistema escolar, son responsables del almacenamiento de materiales de exámenes y de la administración y seguridad una vez que los materiales se distribuyen en las escuelas. Cada escuela tiene un protocolo de seguridad de los exámenes que sigue las directrices del distrito escolar, pero es específica a las necesidades de cada escuela.  Cada escuela tiene también un coordinador asistente de exámenes que asiste en todos los aspectos de la administración de los exámenes. El calendario anual de exámenes del GaDOE es estrictamente seguido.  Todas las personas del sistema escolar deben participar en la preparación anual relativa a todos los aspectos de los exámenes, incluyendo responsabilidades, seguridad y ética, incluyendo código de ética para los educadores del Georgia Profesional Standards Commission.  Cada administrador de examen debe ser un educador certificado.  Cada entorno de pruebas será supervisada por el administrador de pruebas y un custodio capacitado.  Los resultados de los exámenes de los estudiantes son documentos seguros que deben ser compartidos de manera oportuna con el estudiante, padre o tutor legal y maestros.  En caso de cualquier infracción de seguridad de examen, se seguirá un protocolo estricto inmediatamente.  Ese protocolo incluye notificación desde el nivel escolar al nivel del condado, el departamento de educación de Gergia y Georgia Profesional Standards Commission si es necesario.

Standardized Test Preparation Sites and Hints

Test Taking Tips for Parents

   The following tips will provide suggestions for parents on how to approach test taking with their children as reprinted from

Make sure that your child does all their homework and reading assignments which will help make sure your child is prepared for the test.

Encourage your child to space out their studying and homework assignments so that they won't be forced to cram on the night before the test.

If you are anxious about your child's test it's ok, but try to keep cool around your child, you don't want them to get anxious about their tests too.

Encourage your child to do well, but don't pressure him/her, you may stress him/her out, it is important for your child to stay relaxed on the test.

Keep a positive attitude about tests.

Provide a quiet, well lighted area with little distractions to help your child study efficiently.

Mark down test days on your calendar so you and your child are both aware of testing dates.

Make sure that your child gets enough sleep on the night before the test.

Ensure that your child eats a healthy breakfast and avoid heavy foods that may make him/her groggy and avoid high sugar foods that may make him/her hyper.

Make sure that your child gets up early enough so that he/she will be on time to school.

Let your child relax for a few hours before bedtime, it can be stressful for a child to study all night.

Talking about the test with your child can relieve stress about test taking.

If your child is struggling on their tests, talk to them about it and meet with their teacher to find out the best way to help your child.

Praise/reward your child when they do well on a test or for their hard work preparing for a test.

Encourage them to do better if they don't do well.

Review the test with your child after they have taken it and go over any mistakes they have made and make sure that they understand what they did wrong and how they can improve for the next test.


K-5 Parent's Guide to Standardized Tests
This Family Education site answers many questions about standardized tests, has sample elementary test questions for parents, and brain-powered activities

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